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What's Included (and what isn't) with Your Crewed Yacht Charter

The terms under which crewed yachts are chartered - what's included in the price, or not - differ from place to place and often depending on the type of yacht as well. The basic differences in standard charter terms, any one of which may vary in detail are:

WMT Western Mediterranean Terms, according to MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association)
Included in the charter rate are:


1.Hire of the yacht (use, maintenance, etc.)
2.Crew cost, except food
3.Marine insurance for the yacht, including third party liability

All other operational expenses, such as for fuel (main engines, outboard engines, jet skis, etc.), food for guests and crew, water, harbor dues, bar and drinks, telecommunication and taxes are additional costs payable by the Charterer. These charter terms are often referred to as "Plus all expenses".

EMT (Eastern Mediterranean Terms, semi-inclusive)
Under these charter terms the above cost (WMT 1 to 3) are included in the charter rate, as well as:

1.Crew food
2.Fuel and lubrication oil for the generators, and for four hours use of the main engine(s), per day
3.Harbour and pilot dues (but not any applicable canal dues), including charges for electricity taken from the shore
4.Water, and cleaning materials.
5.Half board, commonly breakfast & lunch, is sometimes included, most usually in Turkish vessels

All other operational expenses, such as for food for the guests, bar and drinks, telecommunication, fuel for the outboard engines and jet skis etc., as well as and taxes are extras paid by the Charterer.

CT (Caribbean Terms, inclusive)
For sailing yachts, the above costs (WMT 1 to 3 and EMT 1 to 4) as well as food for the guests (3 meals per day) are included in the charter rate; so too, very often, is "ship's standard bar" (which basically means soft drinks, local beer & sometimes table wines). Dinner and/or lunch on one day per week is sometimes excluded to give the cook a break. Motor yachts in the Caribbean more usually employ WMT, certainly when it comes to fuel cost.

All other, personal, operational expenses, such as for bar and drinks, telecommunication, fuel for outboard engines and jet skis, etc., as well as mooring fees at "special" marinas and taxes are paid in addition by the Charterer.


◦In all areas of the Western Mediterranean VAT will be payable on the charter fee of around 20-22% depending on the country.
◦Exceptions: Commercially registered yachts declaring "No VAT"
◦In Greece, VAT is generally levied at 5.5% for charters of more than a couple of days. Day charter is usually 11%.

It is customary to pay an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) as deposit for the expected operational expenses well before commencement of the charter. As a guide, the APA differs according to the cruising area

◦20-30% of the charter fee under WMT (Western Mediterranean Terms)
◦10-15% of the charter fee under EMT (Eastern Mediterranean Terms)
◦5% of the charter fee under CT (Caribbean Terms, inclusive)

◦The true cost (which to quite some extent depends on the demands of the guests) for above expenses will be accounted for by the Captain. At the end of the charter, any excess is refunded, or charged in addition, as appropriate.
Details are thought to be reliable but are a guide only and not guaranteed.